Are the earrings solid gold?

Yes, all the earrings sold on this website are made of solid gold, in the color and karat indicated in the product title and/or description.

Do you sell gold-filled or plated earrings?

No, at this time I sell only solid gold earrings on this site. 

I see some earrings I like, but I want them smaller/larger/thicker/thinner. Can I customize them?

In most cases, the answer is yes! Please contact me and let me know what you have in mind, and I will do my best to accommodate.

How do I know how big the hoops are?

See the size guide here.

How thick is the post?

The hoops are tapered to 0.8 mm / 20 gauge at the ear-wire, which is the same as a standard earring post. If you prefer a thicker post please contact me to discuss options.

How do the hoops open and close?

These hoops are secured with a tension clasp. To open and close them, gently pop the post out of its socket, and gently pull the ends apart in a sideways motion, so the hoop opens like the coil of a spring (each listing shows the open earring in one of the photos). Gently slide the earring on or off, and close by gently popping the post back into its socket.

Video coming soon.

Are these hoops handmade?

Absolutely. Each pair of earrings is made entirely by hand, using traditional metalworking techniques.

Do you sell anything other than hoops?

Yes, please visit me at Erga | Metal Design, and on Etsy.

Can I sleep in these hoops?

It is highly recommended to remove all jewelry before sleep to prevent injury and/or warping. 

Can I swim in these hoops?

Not a good idea – chlorine can damage gold irreparably.

Wait, I have another question...

No problem, just contact me!